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Take a trip back in time with this unique and exciting twist on the original block stacking game of Jenga, where you can win yourself a massive 50,000x your bet for a top payout of over €1 million, and a fallen tower doesn’t mean game over!

A tower of multicoloured blocks greets you when you start this retro style game, where you’ll choose to play 9 or 18 lines, with each line consisting of a layer of 3 blocks. Select your bet from 5 cents to €25 per line and hit play or bet max and watch as a new tower is built from the ground up.

Match layers to win money, with adjacent blocks increasing your winnings. Special blocks help you stack up even more cash: watch out for the magic blocks, which transform the colour of surrounding blocks; and layer bombs, which will blast away entire layers of your tower to explode your winnings! Plus, bonus blocks are awarded for each block in a winning combination, which are then added to the top of your tower… but don’t worry, if your tower falls it’s not game over: in fact, it’ll get you a free game!

This really is a fantastic little game, with beautiful background imagery and animations, crystal clear graphics and nice sharp sound effects. You can’t help getting excited watching those blocks stack up and disappear, just waiting for the tower to fall and with it a fortune…straight into your bankroll! Try Jenga now!

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