Magic and Wonders 3D Slots

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One of the first ever released 3D slots games Magic and Wonders is an amazing graphical feast and treats the player to a journey through an enchanting world…not to mention the fantastic top prize of €25,000! Symbols include a beautiful girl, a hat, a golden pocket watch, the Queen of Hearts, playing cards and more.  A grinning cat serves as the wild symbol.  The White Rabbit scatter symbol gives the player up to 20 free spins.  The video sequences are astounding, such as watching the “Drink me” bottle float out of the symbol’s cell and the girl gets to drink it.

There are 2 bonus games in the amazing slot machine.

  1. Unlock the Magic Door mini bonus game, choose a door and win a special bonus up to an amazing 1000x payout
  2. Skill Game: Find 3 hats and qualify for the Adventure Treasure Maze which varies in size and difficulty each time you qualify. Collect as much of the treasure as possible to increase your winnings…but avoid the soldiers as they steal your treasure

Player comments

MaxL – Sweden: ‘I love this slot! Thanks so much for it. The 3D elements are really cool and the bonus game in the maze is great fun’

TommyC – Portugal: ‘I love playing slots normally, but with this game i super love playing. The graphics and music are great and I seem to win a lot every time i play…i guess i shouldn’t tell you this lol.’

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