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Monopoly Once Around Deluxe

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Choose your game piece and get ready for a trip down memory lane with this classic board game inspired 15 payline slot Monopoly Once Around Deluxe featuring bonuses, up to 100x multipliers, and even house awards of up to 180x for your properties!

Spinning the reels and matching Monopoly themed symbols such as car, dog, boot, train, ring, and wild Mr Monopoly, is just the beginning of this unique slot. Line up 3 or more bonus symbols on one of the paylines and you’ll get to play Monopoly for real!

Pick your game piece, place houses on properties for a boost in income, then start the Once Around Deluxe bonus. Roll the dice to move around the board, collecting rewards along the way. Land on one of your properties and it’s time to collect the rent: pick a cheque for up to 180x your bet! Land on a Chance or Community Chest card and you’ll get up to 100x your bet!

If you manage to finish exactly on the Go space, or get a Chance or Community Chest card that says Advance to Go, you’ll trigger the Twice Around feature for double rewards!

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