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Vampires Feast 3D Slot – Awesome scary 3D slot game

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Warning: Do not play this game in the dark! Win €100,000 playing Vampires Feast, an amazing 20 win-line 3D slots game which combines amazing graphics, exciting animations, scary music, a variety of skill based bonus games and a top prize of a life changing €100,000. Symbols include Dracula, Dracula’s bride, garlic, a haunted castle, revolvers, wolves and more. The game play is smooth and fast and takes the player through the world of the vampire in a realistically chilling fashion. Slots players adore this game and even non slots players are giving it a try purely for the thrilling experience.

There are 3 bonus games in the amazing slot machine.

    1. Shoot the bats – Skill Game. Cool nerves and a steady mouse hand are required to aim for and hit as many bats as possible. The more bats you shoot, the more money you get
    2. Catch Dracula – Skill Game – Stop Dracula from sucking the blood of the pretty girl by making sure you have quick reactions and drop the cage on to catch him before he disappears
    3. Choose a Coffin and get a mystery bonus. There’s a cash surprise in each coffin…good luck in picking the biggest!

Player comments:

JamesB – England: ‘This is by far the best slot machine I’ve ever played. It kept me on the edge of my seat and petrified! Maybe the reason i like it the most though is that i’ve won over €5000 3 times in the past month.’

KevinC – Germany: ‘I’ve played a few 3D slots and this is miles ahead of anything I’ve played. Being a gamer I love the skill element and really make it count when I’m there because the payouts on these bonus games are really big’

JavierX – Spain: ‘I’ve always loved Dracula and vampires so this slot really appeals to me. Honestly though  I didn’t expect it to be anywhere near as good as it is. The music is great, the game play and graphics are really cool. I can (and do!) play it for hours at a time’

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